GRAPHALLOY® Case Histories

These Case Histories provide an overview of how equipment designers use GRAPHALLOY materials to successfully solve problems with difficult applications.

MTBR over seven years in condensate pumps  

MTBR over seven years in condensate pumps



  GRAPHALLOY Bushing 117
Wastewater lubrication  

Reducing Wastewater Filter Lubrication


Coal Fired
Power Plant

  GRAPHALLOY bushings
GRAPHALLOY bushings for pump survival  

Wastewater Sump Pump


Boiler Feed
Pump in
Gas Plant

  GRAPHALLOY bushings for pump survival
High temperature cam followers  

Dryer Oven Chains


Iron Grade Bearings

  Graphalloy bearings

Installed for Over 20 Years


Oil Field Flares

  GRAPHALLOY Bearings Help Oil Field Operators Meet
EPA Requirements
GRAPHALLOY Bearings Solve LNG Pump Problems   LNG Pumps  

Anhydrous Ammonia

  GRAPHALLOY Bearings Excel in Pumping Anhydrous Ammonia
Boiler Feed Pumps Successfully Run Dry with GRAPHALLOY   Boiler Feed Pumps  

Alumina Powder

  GRAPHALLOY Replaces Ball Bearings in High Temperature Applications
GRAPHALLOY Keeps Subsea Hose Reels Turning   Subsea Hose Reels

Wastewater Treatment

  GRAPHALLOY Pillow Blocks
20 years of Service in a Submerged Environment
GRAPHALLOY Finds Its Place In Renewable Energy   Green Energy  

Ethylene Plant

  GRAPHALLOY Works in Light Hydrocarbon Service
GRAPHALLOY Solves Molten Slag Machinery Design Problem   Slag Wool Production  

Biodiesel Fuel

  GRAPHALLOY Solves a Biodiesel Fuel Development Problem
High Heat Spells Problems for Traditional Bearings   Steel Application  

Chemical Plant Pump

  GRAPHALLOY upgrades in chemical plants

Pizza Oven

  GRAPHALLOY bearings for ovens, dryers, grills and bottling plants
GRAPHALLOY Solves A Proton Beam Problem   Fermilab  

Seafood Processing

  Freezer Conveyors Not a Problem for GRAPHALLOY
GRAPHALLOY Helps Generate Reliable Geothermal Power   The Geysers  

Shell Molded Castings

  GRAPHALLOY Takes a Stand Against Heat and Sand
GRAPHALLOY bushings were made to conquer harsh environments   Geothermal Brine Pump   Stainless Steel
Flange Block
  GRAPHALLOY Self-lubricating Bushings in Stainless Steel Flange Blocks
GRAPHALLOY Crucial to the Success of Pentane Pumps    

Fluorescent Lighting

  GRAPHALLOY Turning Lead Free Into Problem Free
When Grease and Heat Don't Mix, GRAPHALLOY Comes to the Rescue  

Glass Ceramic

GRAPHALLOY Solves Power Plant Damper Failures  

Power Plant Dampers





2 April 2019