GRAPHALLOY® Bearing Material:
A History

GRAPHALLOY locationThe Graphite Metallizing Corporation, makers of the Graphalloy® Bearing Material, was founded in 1913 in Yonkers, New York. They began making a graphite-metal alloy (Graphalloy) for electrical contacts, and they quickly saw it had enormous potential as a bearing material for pumps, high temperature applications, and more- due to it's self-lubricating and non-galling characteristics, and its ability to go to temperature extremes.

The Graphalloy material began to be used as plain bushings, in pillow blocks, in flange blocks, and more. It's motto "works where others won't" has been proven in such diverse locations as high temperature ovens, nuclear research, light hydrocarbon pumps, cryogenic pumps, 3D printers, and even at the bottom of the ocean.

Over the years, the company continually innovated around the product to create more products and grades, including FDA acceptable grades and NSF® certified grades.

Today the company is still based on Yonkers, New York, where the engineering and manufacturing teams work together closely. Graphalloy also has sales representatives across the United States and Europe and Asia, ready to come in to look at projects and advise on Graphalloy solutions.

Graphalloy prides itself on a product that will solve the toughest application problems, and a turnaround to meet the customer's needs. The team is motivated by innovation around the product, solving tough bearing problems, and also that there are many more applications out there that could benefit from the Graphalloy bushing material.

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