Bearings, Bushings and Thrust Washers

Reduce Downtime and Provide Maintenance-Free Operation

GRAPHALLOY® bearings, bushings and thrust washers are self-lubricating and eliminate time-consuming, costly maintenance. GRAPHALLOY materials are impervious to temperature extremes (from -400° F to +1000° F/-240° C to 535° C) and thrive in harsh environments where other bearings fail.

GRAPHALLOY standard and custom designed products provide lifetime cost savings and significant operating advantages over conventional bushings and bearings.

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A complete size range of standard "off the shelf" solutions. These self-lubricating bushings provide maintenance-free service. Available in FDA acceptable grades.
Graphalloy General Purpose Self-lubricating Bushings
GRAPHALLOY high temperature bushings provide long life in high temperature applications such as industrial ovens, conveyors and overhead paint lines. Standard sizes will fit common overhead paint line conveyors used in high temperature drying ovens.
Graphalloy High Temperature Bushings
These easy-to-mount standard flange bushings are used widely throughout the industry. They are available in grades to provide solutions to the most difficult bearing problems. These flange bushings are designed to handle both radial and thrust loads.
Graphalloy Self-lubricating Flange Bushings
These thrust washers provide a high temperature solution for thrust loads in conveyor bushings, traction wheel bushings, pillow blocks and similar applications.
Graphalloy High Temperature Thrust Washers
GRAPHALLOY block bushings provide solutions for submerged applications. They are used primarily in the textile finishing industry in dye and bleach ranges, wash boxes and dye jigs to replace cast iron, plastic or stainless steel bushings.
Graphalloy Self-Lubricating Block Bushings
As with all GRAPHALLOY bushings, these split double flanged bushings will survive harsh environments. They are commonly used in screw or spiral conveyors or feeders to move a large variety of bulk materials. They are also used in batch mixers and in agitators. Since GRAPHALLOY never requires lubrication, the conveyed product is not contaminated and does not collect in the bearing.
Graphalloy Self-Lubricating Split Double Flange Bushings

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High Temperature Bearings for Ovens, Conveyors, Furnaces and Dryers

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