For gypsum board, wall board and veneer kilns

GRAPHALLOY hanger bearing assemblies are most commonly used in veneer and gypsum board dryers and fit all dryer configurations.  Capable of handling temperatures to 1000° F. these bearings have a proven record of long life and low maintenance. Most common applications for GRAPHALLOY hanger bearing assemblies:

  • Gypsum Board Ovens
  • Wall board and composition board dryers
  • Ceiling tile lines
  • Veneer dryer

Bearings are available from stock in solid and split versions in a variety of lengths, shaft sizes and with or without thrust flanges.  Call or email your requirements.


Type 356-1 Solid Hanger Bearing
GRAPHALLOY inserts are designed for long wear, provide self aligning capabilities and are reversible to provide for longer life.

Hanger Bearings Assemblies Type 356-2

Type 356-2 C-Type Solid Hanger Bearing

We offer a wide range of hanger designs to fit every dryer make and design.   Fits Coe oven brackets as well as many others.


Hanger Bearings Assemblies Type 356S-2

Type 356S-2 C-Type Split Hanger Bearing

This split bearing allows easier maintenance by simplifying replacement behind your sprocket.  Fits Coe oven brackets as well as many others.

Hanger Bearings Assemblies Type 354-2

Type 354 Hanger Assembly

Our most popular assembly to hold the GRAPHALLOY  bearing in your oven.   Conveniently mounts on an angle iron.  Complete assembly includes bracket and 356-1 solid bearing.

Type 1254 Hanger Assembly
Complete assembly includes bracket and with split (356S) or solid (356) bearing
Other hanger varieties to fit every need. Ask for our brochure for more detailed information.