Pillow Blocks with GRAPHALLOY® Bushings

Reduce downtime and provide maintenance-free operation
For high temperature, washdown, and other tough applications

Self-lubricating GRAPHALLOY pillow blocks can reduce maintenance and frequent replacements for increased reliability and years of trouble-free operation in high temperature applications, dampers, conveyors and other difficult to lubricate sites.  These pillow blocks provide install and forget service in harsh environments and for temperatures ranging from -450º F to more than 1000º F (-240º C to more than 535º C). GRAPHALLOY bushings allow for linear expansion of the shaft through the pillow blocks.  

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Metric sizes, not shown here, can be accommodated.

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Standard Duty Pillow Blocks

Pillow Block Assemblies Type 327 High Temperature or Submerged

Type 327  2 Bolt Self-Aligning Pillow Block
Stainless Steel: shaft sizes
½" to 1 ½ "

These stainless steel pillow blocks are designed for high temperatures and harsh environments commonly seen in the paper and other process industries

Pillow Block Assemblies Type 675

Type 675  2 Bolt Self-Aligning Pillow Block
Plated carbon steel: shaft sizes
½" to 1 ½ "

These pillow blocks are commonly used in dryer applications in the paper industry and can coating applications.

Pillow Block Assemblies Type 845P for high temperature and other extreme conditions

Type 845P  2 Bolt Self-Aligning Pillow Block
Cast Iron: shaft sizes ½" to 3 "

These cast iron pillow blocks are dimensionally interchangeable with ball bearing pillow blocks. Used where ball bearings have failed due to environment or temperature. These housings can also be provided in stainless steel and plastic composites.

Type 845 Spherical Inserts for Standard Pillow Blocks
Shaft sizes ½" to 3 "

These inserts fit into the 845 style pillow blocks. They may also be used as a substitute for traditional ball bearing inserts in many standard housings produced by other manufacturers.

Heavy Duty Pillow Blocks

Type 163/963   2 Bolt Pillow Block
Cast Iron or Stainless Steel Housings
Shaft size 3/8" to 3 7/16" cast iron, 3/8" to 2 ½" stainless

Often used in ovens, process equipment and plating tanks these rugged pillow blocks provide long life in tough environments. The stainless steel housings provide ideal solutions for wash down situations.

Type 163S  4 Bolt Split Angle Pillow Block
Cast Iron:  Shaft sizes 2 3/16" to 5 15/16"

These split pillow blocks provide for ease of bushing replacement. Typical applications are drag line and other high temperature conveyors, ovens and other process equipment

Pillow Block Assemblies Type 414/475

Type 414/475  2 Bolt Self-Aligning Pillow Block
Cast Iron: shaft size 5/8" to 3 1/4"

These self aligning pillow blocks are available with a split insert (type 414) and a solid insert (type 475) Common applications include cement mills, heat treating ovens and traveling trash screens. Replacement inserts are available

Pillow Block Assemblies Type 448

Type 448   2 Bolt Self-Aligning Pillow Block
Cast Iron: Shaft sizes 1" to 4"

The 448 series pillow blocks provide a self-aligning solution in a compact size for difficult applications such as veneer, plywood and board dryers as well as oven conveyors. Replacement inserts are available.

Type 448 Spherical Inserts for Standard Pillow Blocks
Shaft sizes 1" to 4"

These inserts fit into the 448 pillow blocks.

Type 478  4 Bolt Self-Aligning Pillow Block
Cast Iron: Shaft sizes 1 ½" to 6"

These self-aligning pillow blocks are for the large, tough applications. Typical applications include traveling trash screens and heat treat ovens. Replacement inserts are available.