Bearings For Wastewater Applications

Self-lubricating GRAPHALLOY® bearings and bushings are ideally suited for submerged applications such as water treatment and wastewater. For one manufacturer, "the ability of GRAPHALLOY Bearings to provide trouble-free underwater operation without any lubrication" had been a key factor in the success of their products.

They are available in standard sizes or custom sizes and are available installed in stainless steel flange blocks and pillow blocks to match your submerged application needs.

In addition to being self-lubricating, Graphalloy bushings are also non-galling and dimensionally stable, making them a good match for wear parts for pumps as well.Bearings for success in wastewater

GRAPHALLOY provides unique advantages because it combines the properties of graphite and metal. The graphite structure can be compared to a deck of cards with individual layers that are able to easily slide off the deck. This phenomenon gives the material a self-lubricating ability that is matched by no other material. External lubricants such as grease or oil are simply not necessary. It will operate submeged and will not swell or lose it's lubrication. Graphalloy can be provided as direct replacements for industry standard pillow or flange block assemblies, or as custom bushing sizes to fit your equipment.Submerged wastewater application


Graphalloy bearings have been successful in the following applications:

  • Rotary Screens
  • Mixers
  • Pumps
  • Water Treatment Flocculators
  • Wastewater Treatment Aerators
  • DAF (dissolved air flotaion) Wastewater Sytem
  • Wastewater Filtration Systems


Graphalloy pillow block for wastewaterFlocculator







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Successful Graphalloy Applications for Water Treatment & Wastewater

Water Treatment Flocculators (Potable Water Process)Flocculators

Paddle wheels stir the incoming river water to keep the solids suspended until the water is sent to the clarifier. The paddles are mounted on long horizontal shafts through pillow block bearing assemblies. Bearings are fully submerged. Standard Pillow Block Bearings (cast iron pillow blocks with roller bearings) are replaced with self-lubricating GRAPHALLOY.


Wastewater applicationPrimary Clarifiers/Final Clarifiers/Clarifier Agitators

Clarifiers are settling tanks built with mechanical means for continuous removal of solids being deposited by sedimentation. GRAPHALLOY is used in bottom bearing and various pillow-block assemblies.


Waste Treatment AeratorGraphalloy bearing

Condominium’s Wastewater Treatment Plant Waste Treatment Aerator: Babbitt-grade GRAPHALLOY bushings installed in custom housings. GRAPHALLOY lasted over 20+ years before replacement.


Read a case history on Graphalloy bearings in a wastewater application

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November 5, 2021