GRAPHALLOY ® Bearings The Submerged Bearing Solution

GRAPHALLOY® self-lubricating bushings are ideally suited for submerged applications. For one manufacturer, "the ability of GRAPHALLOY Bearings to provide trouble-free underwater operation without any lubrication" had been a key factor in the success of their products. Graphalloy bearings are currently used in such submerged applications as pool equipment, water treatment plants, coating lines, quench lines, stormwater pumps, and more.

Bearings for success in Underwater/submerged Applications and pumps

GRAPHALLOY provides unique advantages because it combines the properties of graphite and metal. The graphite structure can be compared to a deck of cards with individual layers that are able to easily slide off the deck. This phenomenon gives the material a self-lubricating ability that is matched by no other material. External lubricants are simply not necessary. GRAPHALLOY is graphite impregnated with metal to enhance the chemical, mechanical and tribological properties of the material. The material, most commonly used in bushings, is available in over 100 grades and can be designed to fit a variety of machinery. While a high percentage of GRAPHALLOY products are produced to meet custom requirements, standard designs are available including cylindrical bushings with or without grooves, single, double-flanged, split and metal backed bushings as well as pillow block and flange units. Grades and designs are engineered to best serve the application.

Submerged wastewater applicationGRAPHALLOY is a bearing material that works when most other materials will not. In addition to being self lubricating and having temperature capabilities of up to 1000°F in an oxidizing environment, GRAPHALLOY functions well in cryogenic conditions, can survive dry run conditions and maintains it’s integrity even when submerged in hostile liquids such as acids, alkalies, hydrocarbons, black liquor, and liquid gases. The material provides a constant, low coefficient of friction and its uniform consistency protects against catastrophic failure.

Graphalloy stainless steel flange blockThe textile dyeing and paper/pulp industries also employ GRAPHALLOY bushings extensively.

GRAPHALLOY is not soluble in most industrial liquids. GRAPHALLOY is a preferred material for steam seals and for equipment that must be steam cleaned, as there is no lubrication to wash away. It is used as bushings in water pumps, gasoline pumps, spray pumps, meters, foot bearings, mixers, dye jigs, food and pharmaceutical equipment, bleaching and washing tanks, and rotary filters; even in molten metals.

Click here to learn about GRAPHALLOY self-lubricating bushings mounted in stainless steel pillow blocks. This series combines the corrosion-resistant and self-lubricating properties of GRAPHALLOY with the application and installation versatility of pillow blocks.

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LNG Tanker Application

NSF and WRAS Certification for Graphalloy Bearings

clean drinking water pictureNSF International has certified grades of GRAPHALLOY material for use in municipal well pumps and treatment plant applications. These Graphalloy grades are certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61-"Drinking Water System Components- Health Effects" and approved in the category for Multiple Water Contact Materials up to 180°F.

The Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS, UK) has approved a grade of GRAPHALLOY material as suitable for contact with wholesome water for domestic purposes having met the requirements of BS 6920-1:2000 and/or 2014 'Suitability of non-metallic products for use in contact with water intended for human consumption with regard to their effect on the quality of the water'.

Bearings for drinking water applications

Where to use NSF and WRAS Certified Grapahalloy Bushings

  • Municipal Well Pumps
  • Pumps- Potable Water
  • Water Treatment Plant


Feb 20, 2020