GRAPHALLOY® Wear Part Material

Outperform Chrome and Plastic Wear Parts in Tough Pumps


Wear Part Material for Pumps that flash, run dry, and more A wear part material that can handle flashing, dry running, and low lubricity pumpage is essential to extending MTBR for tough pumps. The Graphalloy bushing and wear part material is self-lubricating and non-galling, so it can handle these scenarios better than plastics, which can swell and melt, and metals, which can gall. The Graphalloy material is dimensionally stable. Graphalloy bushings can also handle temperature extremes from to -450°F to 750°F and higher.

Furthermore, because it is self-lubricating and non-galling, Graphalloy wear parts can be designed at as low as half of API's recommended running clearances, which improves efficiency in the pump, resulting in massive energy and expenditure savings.

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Bushings and Wear Parts for Dry Running Flashing Low Lubricity Pumps