High Heat Spells Problems for Traditional Bearings


Steel and metals production creates problems for tradtional bearings because of the high heat and heavy loads. GRAPHALLOY® bearings provide a solution to these problems. Here is a really tough application:

The annealing furnace at a Pennsylvania metal manufacturer had an interior temperature in the range of 1200°F (650°C). Bearings supporting the pinch rolls were located outside the furnace walls and reached temperatures up to 750°F (400°C) due to heat transmitted through the furnace wall by the shaft. hot steel slab

The heat transmitted by the shaft through the oven wall to the bearing was causing lubrication failure. In addition, the movement (linear expansion) of the shaft caused problems well beyond the capability of any standard ball or roller bearing arrangement.

GRAPHALLOY high temperature bearings were installed in a metal adapter designed to fit the original bearing housings and solved the problem without a major redesign. With minimal investment, bearings failures and associated maintenance costs were reduced.

Even if your application isn't this tough, GRAPHALLOY bearings can solve your high temperature bearing problems.






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