Save Maintenance in a Mussel Processing Line

A mussel processing plant in the Northeast had a problem- they needed to constantly grease the bearings in their processing line due to salt water, mussel liquid, and caustic washdown. It was therefore a huge relief to find Graphalloy FDA acceptable bearings, which were self-lubricating and could handle these difficult liquids.

bearings for seafood conveyorsbearings for seafood conveyors

A GRAPHALLOY representative visited the facility to discuss using 845 stainless steel pillow blocks with Graphalloy inserts on the mussel processing line. The maintenance manager agreed to test them out. They were still working well over 6 months later, completely maintenance-free and still looking good. The facility was pleased with the result and is now looking to replace more of their bearings with maintenance-free Graphalloy.

In addition to mussels, this facility also processes oysters and clams, which they then ship to restaurants.

GRAPHALLOY bearings are a solution in applications with temperature extremes, caustic washdowns, tough-to-grease locations, and more. Due to their self-lubricating nature, they are maintenance-free as well. It is available in NSF-certified and FDA Acceptable grades. It may be the solution to your tough conveyor application.