Nickel-Impregnated Carbon Graphite

Nickel-Impregnated carbon graphite bushing

In search of nickel-Impregnated carbon graphite material? Graphalloy provides a nickel-impregnated carbon graphite material for a self-lubricating bushing or bearing with added strength and temperature resistance. Nickel-impregnation services are also available upon request.

For high temperature and other severe service pump applications, GRAPHALLOY® nickel-impregnated graphite bushings can handle temperatures of up to 750°F/400°C in oxidizing environments and 1700°F/725°C in non-oxidizing/submerged environments, as well as low lubricity service and run-dry scenarios.

The use of GRAPHALLOY pump wear parts results in lower operating and repair costs.

Please visit this web page for further information about GRAPHALLOY for pump bushings and wear parts.

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