Graphalloy Bushings Run in Vertical Pump for 34 Years

Vertical Pump 34 YearsGRAPHALLOY bushings for pump survivalA type VS6 can pump at a major refinery was scheduled for an overhaul. This was a multi-stage pump in gasoline service, and the last time they overhauled it was in 1987.

When the repair shop disassembled the pump, they found that the Graphalloy bushings were still going strong, 34 years later!

The 34-year-old Graphalloy bushings were replaced as part of the overhaul and new tin Babbitt-grade Graphalloy bushings installed. The original bushings' longevity in a tough pump service brings new meaning to the term install-and-forget.




Graphalloy wear parts protect the pumps and increase pump survival due to their non-galling and self-lubricating features. Visit our pump application page to learn more.

GRAPHALLOY bearings for pumps