Helps Generate Reliable Geothermal Power

The Geysers is the largest geothermal power field in the world. Because geothermal power is constant (and nearly free), The Geysers have become one of the most reliable energy sources in Northern California. Currently, the Calpine Corporation owns and operates 19 of 21 power plants at The Geysers. Calpine and their predecessors have used GRAPHALLOY to solve a critical pump application problem.
Calpine is able to harness the superheated steam from The Geysers to generate 725MW of electricity. Despite its advantages, geothermal power has one limitation. Some of the 350 steam wells will eventually exhaust their supply of steam. In response to this problem, operators in the field reinject water into the ground to replenish the steam for power generation.
However, one problem existed. Bearing materials were limited because of the temperature and corrosive environment of the injected water. To make this critical process viable, GRAPHALLOY bearings are used in the pumps injecting water condensed from the steam and treated wastewater back into the ground in the existing 58 injection wells. A special GRAPHALLOY grade was developed for this severe service.geyser
GRAPHALLOY bearings have been a critical component of power generation at The Geysers for over 25 years. The hot, corrosive silt-ladened water required a special bearing material and GRAPHALLOY was, and is, the answer.
(Images courtesy of DOE/NREL, Credit - David Parsons) 


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