Desalination Plant Pumps Upgraded with GRAPHALLOY NSF® Certified Bearings

A major pump manufacturer’s Water Systems Group, which focuses on the commercial and industrial water markets, won a contract to provide vertical turbine pumps for a desalination facility at a publicly-owned water agency.

The pumps would experience dry starts with the possibility of prolonged dry running. In addition, the bearings needed to be NSF certified. These conditions led the pump company to replace their standard bronze bearings with GRAPHALLOY NSF certified bearings. The unique properties of GRAPHALLOY bearings and wear rings enable pumps to run dry and survive upsets and flashing that cause metal bearings to fail.

GRAPHALLOY was installed in bowl bearings for multiple deep-well vertical turbine pumps, pumping brackish water. The water properties are

  • Brackish Raw Water
  • Total dissolved solids: 1,125 to 3,000 mg/L
  • Normal Temperature: 78° F (25°C)
  • Specific Gravity: 1.0
  • Viscosity: 1.1 CP
  • Vapor Pressure: 0.36 psi
  • PH: 7 to 8.5
GRAPHALLOY GM 695.3, an NSF certified Babbitt grade was used for this application. GRAPHALLOY NSF materials are certified for use in municipal well pumps and water treatment plant applications. For more information on GRAPHALLOY bearings and wear rings, including our NSF certified grades, please click here to contact us