GRAPHALLOY Bearings: Installed and Forgotten
for Over 20 Years!

More than 20 years ago, a major chemical manufacturer was experiencing frequent failures of their pumps in ethylene service. They had (and have) six 15-stage Pacific vertical can pumps installed and one spare. Each pump has fourteen inter-stage assemblies, and head and lower bearing assemblies.

Ethylene Plant Pump These pumps were originally fitted with bronze bearings which were failing within one month of installation. Ethylene is a very light hydrocarbon that creates problems in pump operation. Because of its low viscosity, ethylene provides minimal lubrication to the rotating parts of the pump. As a result, these pumps are prone to failure when running with bronze bearings.

They converted all the pumps to GRAPHALLOY shortly after installation.

Currently, the plant is performing a safety upgrade to all of their vertical can pumps and replacing the cans. As each pump is pulled, the pumps are being rebuilt. These ethylene pumps are still in service and still contain the original GRAPHALLOY bushings that were installed in 1996 - over twenty years later.


The GRAPHALLOY bushings are measured and if within tolerance, they are being reused in the rebuilt pumps.

This success in ethylene service demonstrates why so many pump users choose GRAPHALLOY for their toughest services. Ordinary fitted pumps do not allow for run-dry conditions and will not survive upsets and flashing. The unique properties of GRAPHALLOY permit dry starts, survive frequent loss of suction, and extend life for continuous service.