GRAPHALLOY® Bearings for High Temperature, Environmentally Sensitive Designs


(YONKERS, N.Y., April 2011) - Graphite Metallizing Corporation is pleased to announce a family of Tin Based Babbitt GRAPHALLOY® materials for high temperature bearing applications up to 350° F (175° C). These tin based babbitt materials are available in NSF® certified grades for drinking water and are FDA accepted. They will perform reliably as self-lubricating bearings in submerged and dry applications.

GRAPHALLOY Tin BabbittGRAPHALLOY (a graphite/metal alloy) Tin Based Babbitt offers many advantages. It is environmentally safe to machine and use, while effectively eliminating the need for grease or oil. By eliminating liquid lubricants, contamination and maintenance can also be reduced. GRAPHALLOY Tin Based Babbitt materials can often replace plastics because they offer superior heat dissipation and will not melt or cold flow. In low temperature applications (-400° F /-205° C), these bearings solve lubrication problems caused by the viscosity of grease and oil that often prevents proper operation of equipment.

GRAPHALLOY Tin Based Babbitt provides all of the performance benefits of traditional babbitt materials without the environmental concerns. It can be used in potable water, food applications and traditional low temperature applications. GRAPHALLOY bearings and bushings are a proven solution for the most challenging plant maintenance and new equipment design.

Used in the manufacture of bushings, bearings and other components for machinery and process equipment, GRAPHALLOY materials are self-lubricating, impervious to temperature extremes (from -400° F to +1000° F/-205° C to 535° C) and thrive in harsh environments where other bearings fail. Graphite Metallizing Corporation has been producing GRAPHALLOY since 1913.

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