Bushings that Outperform Metal Wear Parts in CO2 Service

Yonkers, NY (April 30, 2012)

Graphite Metallizing Corporation announces GRAPHALLOY® wear rings and bushings that provide performance superior to standard metal stationary and rotating wear part in pumps for CO2 service in oil field applications. Self-lubricating GRAPHALLOY®, a graphite/metal alloy, eliminates concern about bearing failures or possible flashing of CO2.

The ability to operate without additional lubrication is important in CO2 injection applications because CO2 has low lubricity. Standard metal wear parts rely on the lubricity of the liquid being pumped for proper operation so they are prone to failures in pumps used to inject CO2. In addition, due to high suction pressure required to keep CO2 as a dense phase liquid, flashing is always a possibility.

CO2 injection in older, low flowing wells is becoming an increasingly popular method for permeating rock formations and forcing more oil to the surface. Many older wells still contain vast amounts of oil locked in the pores of rock layers deep underground. CO2 injection often releases more oil in older wells than can be released by water injection.

“Use of self-lubricating, non-galling GRAPHALLOY® materials in pumps for CO2 service provides substantial cost savings by avoiding expensive downtime and field repairs caused by wear part failures,” said Eben Walker, General Manager of Graphite Metallizing Corporation. “GRAPHALLOY® is currently the material of choice for many oil field applications in North America andaround the world.”

GRAPHALLOY® wear rings and bushings operate at longer intervals without the need for replacements or maintenance which helps reduce downtime and maintenance expenses. GRAPHALLOY® is an excellent choicefor any application where service and maintenance tasks are cumbersome or difficult to perform. GRAPHALLOY® is a proven solutionfor even the most challenging plant maintenance and new equipment design applications.

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