High temperature dampers can be a maintenance problem.   These dampers see temperatures that require frequent greasing and are often in places that are hard to re-grease!   In addition to high temperatures, long periods of inactivity is another source of problems as grease hardens or vibration causes metal on metal galling.

Typical GRAPHALLOY Damper Applications:

  • Louver Dampers
  • Wind Boxes
  • Butterfly Dampers
  • Guillotine Dampers
  • Diverter Dampers
  • Radial Vane Dampers

GRAPHALLOY is available in a variety of mounting styles from 2 and 4 bolt pillow blocks to 2 and 4 bolt flange units. These units are available as solid or split and also come with self aligning features.

GRAPHALLOY provides these install and forget features:

  • Temperature range from -400o F to +1000o F
  • Self Lubricating, requires no oil or grease
  • Will not seize or lock up
  • Self Aligning capabilities for proper alignment
  • Long life, maintenance free operation
  • Dimensionally interchangeable with most standard ball bearing units


GRAPHALLOY meets the needs of tough High Temperature Dampers.

Our applications engineers are waiting to help you with your damper applications.