Solves Problems with the Toughest Pumpages


GRAPHALLOY works in the harshest environments, even Hydrofluoric Acid

HF acid is used in two different alkyation processes, the Phillips process and the UOP process, one of the toughest applications in a refinery.

GRAPHALLOY was put to the test at a refinery in Texas when it was used as an upgrade in a Pacific 1" L-single stage overhung process pump.

The pump was built in 1952 and was pumping HF acid, one of the most dangerous products pumped in a refinery. The operating conditions were:

image 11

Product: 97% HF acid

Suction Pressure: 182 psig

Discharge pressure: 214 psig

Temperature: 100oF

In the past, dry run conditions caused the shaft to break and the wear rings to gall. It took three people, dressed in full protective gear with ventilation and a breathing system, six hours to remove the pump and an additional four hours to neutralize the acid, disassemble and decontaminate the equipment.

After suffering 32 work orders in three years, GRAPHALLOY was considered as an upgrade for the stationary wear rings and throat bushing. The successful installation of GRAPHALLOY solved operating problems including extending the life of the mechanical seal and surviving the run dry conditions.

Applications with other hostile liquids may also causing premature failures. GRAPHALLOY may be the solution for these difficult applications also.