GRAPHALLOY Outperforms PEEK in Run Dry Conditions


GRAPHALLOY bushings run dry and keep on running! GRAPHALLOY can eliminate costly repairs due to run dry conditions and allow for continuous operation.

GRAPHALLOY, graphite/metal alloy bearings, bushings and wearing rings have demonstrated advantages over PEEK in most pump applications. Dry running during start up and upsets, broader temperature capabilities (-400°F to 750°F) and dimensional stability are the primary advantages that GRAPHALLOY offers over PEEK

GRAPHALLOY has "exceptional heat dissipating capability" based on a summary of testing done by the IDP Central Material Services lab a few years ago. Plastics and composites suffer from increasing temperatures during dry run conditions. Additional tests were run in Phillipsburg that demonstrated a dry run of more than an hour in a high pressure DA CO2 pump injection pump.

To validate the fact that GRAPHALLOY provides superior run dry performance, the Tribology lab at Rensselear Polytechnic Institute (RPI) ran independent tests. Below are the results of those tests.

GRAPHALLOY Runs Dry at Higher Loads Than PEEK


GRAPHALLOY, filament wound PEEK and chopped carbon PEEK samples were run dry under conditions of increasing loads. At less than 75 psi, both PEEK samples failed by seizing the shaft. GRAPHALLOY did not fail. Once the GRAPHALLOY achieved greater than twice the PEEK failure load, tests were stopped.













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GRAPHALLOY outperformed PEEK in constant speed dry run tests. The tests were run at typical pump operation speeds. In less than 8 minutes both PEEK materials seized the shaft. GRAPHALLOY did not fail. Once a period of time greater than 10 times the PEEK performance was achieved, the GRAPHALLOY test was terminated.