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GRAPHALLOY works in temperatures ranging from -450F to over 1000F (-267C to over 540C).  It is corrosion resistant and performs in conditions where metal or polymer wear parts fail. Our US-based manufacturing facility can install the Graphalloy for you in your own metal rings or can provide a turnkey ring assembly ourselves.

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GRAPHALLOY Case Wear Rings for Impoved Pump Reliability

Pump case wear rings made from GRAPHALLOY® materials can significantly improve the reliability and efficiency of both horizontal and vertical pumps. The unique properties of the Graphalloy material, a range of self-lubricating graphite-metal alloys, benefit users across a wide variety of pump services.GRAPHALLOY case ring for pumps

RELIABILITY: Graphalloy is self-lubricating and non-galling.  This means that the material is “kind” to the shaft and will minimize damage in the event of dry-run, loss of suction, and slow roll on standby service – conditions that can severely damage or destroy conventionally fitted pumps. 

A common problem in pumps with polymer or metal fittings is rapid thermal expansion causing loss of clearance that results in pump seizure.  The common solution to this problem is to open up the clearances, which has the unwanted impact of increasing vibration and reducing pump efficiency. Graphalloy is dimensionally stable and has a low coefficient of thermal expansion across a wide temperature range, allowing very tight clearances without risking pump seizure.

EFFICIENCY:  Graphalloy can be designed to run at 50% of API’s recommended clearances for metallic wear part materials.  Tighter clearances decrease vibration, shaft deflection, and leakage across wear rings and this can result in several percentage point increases in efficiency, leading to very real money saved in annual energy costs. The reduction in vibration levels also result in fewer seal and bearing failures and an increased MTBF.

GRAPHALLOY bearings for pumps



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