For FDA Applications

GRAPHALLOY ® is ideally suited for tough food equipment applications.

GRAPHALLOY, a graphite/metal alloy, is formed from molten metal, graphite and carbon. It is a uniform, solid, self-lubricating bushing and bearing material. GRAPHALLOY is widely used in bakery ovens, dryers, roasters, mixers, conveyors, freezers, sterilizers, grills, pumps, bottling plants and packaging equipment — anywhere grease/oil lubricated bearings or plastic bearings might fail.

Self-lubricating GRAPHALLOY bearings and bushings perform in temperature extremes from -450˚F (-240˚C) to 1000˚F (535˚C) where conventional materials often fail. GRAPHALLOY bearings require minimal maintenance and can reduce downtime, resulting in uninterrupted production of food contact equipment. With a low coefficient of friction and high strength, GRAPHALLOY bearings deliver long life and are not subject to seizures, binding or sudden failure.

FDA acceptable bearingEqually important, GRAPHALLOY does not contain oil or grease and can be immersed in liquids without causing contamination of equipment or packaging. GRAPHALLOY bearings also withstand steam cleaning and pressure washing operations without any loss of lubrication or bearing performance.

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FDA Suitability Opinion


FDA acceptable bearings and foodIn 1996, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration gave Graphalloy a favorable opinion for use in pumps, baking ovens, and equipment for transporting and handling food. That opinion was updated and refreshed in 2018.


Where to use FDA Acceptable Graphalloy Bushings:

  • Pumps
  • Baking ovens
  • Fryers
  • Mixers
  • Conveyors
  • Roasters
  • Steamers
  • Other food handling and transporting applications


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March 5th, 2020