GRAPHALLOY® Miniature Bearings
In the Semiconductor Industry

Graphite Metallizing Corporation, the manufacturer of self-lubricating GRAPHALLOY® bushing materials, announces the production of miniature bushings for use in the semiconductor industry. These miniature bushings allow for linear movement in a slide carriage in the production of semiconductor wafers.

Graphalloy Bushings offer solutions in places where traditional bearing lubricants will not work, including high temperature applications, clean environments, submerged operation applications, and more. The Graphalloy material is self-lubricating and can withstand temperatures from -450°F (-265°C) to +1000°F (+535°C). Miniature Graphalloy Bushing for Semiconductors

These tiny bushings highlight the ability of the Graphalloy material to meet extreme design requirements (this bushing’s outer diameter being not much wider than the year on a penny). Graphalloy bushings can be designed for large applications as well, such as case rings for pumps. They are also commonly used in pillow block and flange block housings to replace rolling element bearings in tough applications.